Waitlisted students

I am glad that you are interested in one of our upcoming online courses, and I do hope that you will be able to join. Not getting into a course you must take during the initial enrollment period is disappointing, so I've compiled responses to some common questions below to guide you through the next steps. I hope this will give you an idea of how to proceed:

  • If the class is full, we may not be able to add you for several months. However, many students will likely be added! At this moment, please join the waitlist if possible. If the waitlist is full, let me know, and I will request additional seats.
  • The reserved seats are necessary and will not be released until about a week before classes start. They are held for NDS students, who register last and are often far away from Raleigh. Those seats nearly always fill with NDS students.
  • Waitlisted students will be added in the order they were received, beginning about two weeks before classes start. No one can be added before the waitlisted students (no direct appeals). However, students on the waitlist do have a high success rate.
  • Be sure to see the Swap to Waitlist procedure here: https://studentservices.ncsu.edu/academics/courses/course-registration/enrollment-wizard/

I do hope you will be added to the class in the two weeks before the classes start.

If you are interested in online Calculus 2 or 3, you can see preliminary information here: