MA 511 Advanced Calculus I

Welcome! This site provides a brief overview for the online section of NC State MA 511 Advanced Calculus I, with Dr. Bevin Maultsby. My aim to address common questions and concerns students have about signing up for an online mathematics course.

As concisely as I can put it, the goal of MA 511 to build up the theory of single-variable calculus, while getting better at writing proofs. If you are looking for a standard Calculus course (like MA 141)--this is not the course for you! This course assumes much more mathematical maturity.


Course Structure Delivery

The course is hosted on Moodle and becomes available one week before the first day of class.

This course is entirely asynchronous--there are no live class meetings, and you may watch the videos at the times that work best for your schedule. I provide a recommended viewing schedule that you should try to follow. This schedule also shows homework due dates and the exam windows.

Each week there are 1-3 interactive lecture lessons for you to watch in Moodle, with an accompanying Moodle quiz (the word "quiz" in our course will mean electronic homework rather than a "mini test"). In addition, you will submit written problems through the Gradescope plugin in Moodle.

There is no required text to purchase for this course, and I will provide links on Moodle to supplementary texts. If you are looking to read ahead, the best choice is this one (we cover essentially Chapters 1-7):



There are three tests, each covering approximately 1/3 of the course. Your examinations are fully online in Moodle--there is no written component to any exam (although there are writing blocks within the electronic exam, for proofs). Each exam must be proctored by a suitable approved proctor, according to which situation best describes you:

  • If you live less than 50 miles away from Raleigh, NC, then you will take your tests on our campus through the Distance Education Testing Centers. Students should be mindful of closing hours for both Testing Centers, and give themselves plenty of time to complete their exams. For information, please visit .
  • Those students who live more than 50 miles away from Raleigh, NC do not have to take their tests on NCSU campus. They may use a proctor in their town for testing. The proctor must be approved in advance through DELTA (not the instructor). It can take up to 1 week to verify a proctor and set up all needed contact info, so please do this early! Please visit the remote proctor website at

The exams are administered over a 3-4 day window, and I encourage you to schedule your testing appointments as soon as you can (typically DELTA begins scheduling on the first day of class). Times fill up!

In case you need it, there is a built-in scientific calculator within the exam itself.

Important note: there is no reason to wait to learn when your scheduled final exams will occur. This schedule is already determined at this exam calendar link, so please go ahead and choose an appropriate time for your final exam.

No, as an official Distance Education course, this course is fully asynchronous. However, I have office hours on Zoom that you are more than welcome to attend (alone or with others).