Upcoming online courses

I am often listed as the instructor for online courses before the semester starts because I set up their Moodle sites.

If you are looking to sign up for an online course other than

and you see my name, I am probably not your instructor.


However, I can address very commonly asked questions:

  • Your course will be hosted on Moodle, and you will be able to find it here: https://wolfware.ncsu.edu/. While I open my classes early, most instructors do not. You will gain access to the class and syllabus on the first day of class.
  • Our online courses are designed to be asynchronous (without required live class meetings). Therefore, you will be able to watch the videos at convenient times during the week.Your instructor will provide a recommended viewing schedule that you should try to follow.
  • Exams are proctored, according to which situation best describes you:
    • If you live less than 50 miles away from Raleigh, NC, then you will take your tests on our campus through the Distance Education Testing Centers. Students should be mindful of closing hours for both Testing Centers, and give themselves plenty of time to complete their exams. For information, please visit https://testing-services.delta.ncsu.edu/testing-services-on-campus/ .
    • Those students who live more than 50 miles away from Raleigh, NC do not have to take their tests on NCSU campus. They may use a proctor in their town for testing. The proctor must be approved in advance through DELTA (not the instructor). It can take up to 1 week to verify a proctor and set up all needed contact info, so please do this early! Please visit the remote proctor website at https://testing-services.delta.ncsu.edu/testing-services-remote/.

    The exams are administered over a 2-4 day window, and I encourage you to schedule your testing appointments as soon as you can (typically DELTA begins scheduling on the first day of class). Times fill up!

    Important note: there is no reason to wait to learn when your scheduled final exams will occur. This schedule is already determined at this exam calendar link, so please go ahead and choose an appropriate time for your final exam.

  • Whoever is listed as your instructor on the first day of class is your course instructor. If a different faculty member appears in the videos, they are not your instructor. Recording a class takes a tremendous amount of labor (I would estimate that I have spent over 1000 hours just preparing, recording, editing, and uploading my online videos for each of my own online courses), and many of our courses were intentionally designed to be run by someone other than the person in the videos.