Make all of your Moodles point to the same Zoom

You can link each Moodle to Zoom, but as of August 2021, it doesn't seem that you can edit the created URL so that you have the same Zoom address for different classes.

If that's what you want, here is a hack:

  1. Turn editing on.
  2. + Add an activity or resource
  3. Choose Label
  4. Click the down arrow button in the top left corner of the edit box to expand the menu options for the label.
  5. Click </> to go to the HTML view.
  6. Copy the HTML code below and paste it into the HTML edit box, replacing the ZOOM LINK HERE with whatever your desired Zoom url is:
<a href="ZOOM LINK HERE">
<img src="" alt="" role="presentation" aria-hidden="true">
<span><b> Zoom:</b> Click here to join our Zoom room.</span></a>

If you have this label (with the same link) appear on all of your Moodles, then the link students click on will all point to the same place. The result should look like this:

Zoom: Click here to join our Zoom room.

(The above link doesn't point anywhere.)

More simply, you can post the Zoom URL you want... the goal here is to have the Zoom icon appear.